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Our little guy is not that photo addict. I guess it’s boy’s nature to be camera shy :D.

I remember when my little girl was that aged, I have tons of photos of caught-in-the-act moments and videos which we enjoyed watching over and over again.

Last week, our little guy is game for some photo snapshots.

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birthday cake

Mickey Mouse + Stars Themed Cake in Red, Yellow, Blue Colors

While browsing pictures, I came upon the album on my little boy’s 1st birthday. Remembering all the Do-It-Myself efforts, I still can’t believed that I managed prepping a party that’s truly memorable for us. The most fulfilling part for me on that party was the celebrant’s birthday cake. Why? Because it is 100% made with love by the celebrant’s mom, no other than ME :D. The cake still looks very amateurishly but the proud mommy here is still very happy with it!

Want to see more colorful stuffs, visit Nshima Servings , host of this Colorful Weekend Meme. Happy Great Week Ahead!

I once again received a call from home informing  me that our little boy already poop 3x. At first, the news was not a big deal since  it’s common for him to move vowel 4 to 5x a day because  of a big appetite. What bothered them, (*that bothered me also in that instant) was his stool showcased a bright shade of green, is odorless (*definitely new, babe’s poop had this very pungent foul-smelling odor) and is a bit watery.

Diarrhea? Oh no, not again please. To free our mind from different speculations, I immediately search Mr. Google and these were the things that I found out,

Our normal stool is generally light to dark brown in color. What contributes to our poop’s color is the fluid bile. Bile is a bitter tasting, yellowish-greenish substance secreted by our liver that aids in digestion. During digestion, as the food passes through the digestive tract, digestive enzymes break down the bile, resulting to the different shades of brown stool. When a person suffers from Diarrhea, the food he ate passes the digestive track rapidly. This may cause the stool’s color to be green since the digestive enzymes wasn’t able to act on it long enough to turn it into brown color.

Some other causes of green stool:

  • Laxative use
  • Antibiotic use
  • Medication side effects
  • Food poisoning
  • Celiac disease
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Malabsorption
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Bacterial overgrowth
  • Infectious diarrhea – especially salmonella and giardia
  • Traveler’s diarrhea
  • Cancer

Foods and supplements that can cause green stool include:

I felt a bit relieved after learning these facts. Babe’s greenish poop might be because 1. he’s currently taking antibiotic 2. for two days, we’ve been trying to feed him vegetable soup 3. we’re giving him jelly and ice cream as per doctor’s advice. (food coloring might also caused green stool). Hoping and praying that the reasons I stated above were indeed the reasons of our little boy’s greenish poop…


A quick update on my little boy’s condition.

By Thursday, I was finally able to report back at work. Our little boy is less fuzzy this day. He finally drank about 4 oz of milk, ate a little portion of bread, ice cream and jelly. He still startled his Lola with sudden outburst of cries, but is less frequent than the past 2 days. More or less, we knew that he was fast recovering.

By Friday, I’m very happy to hear again our little boy saying “Ahh”, the moment he saw her Ate eating breakfast (*our little boy is very fond of eating, and saying “Ahh” is his way of telling us that he wanted to eat). He was able to finished a 70z of milk  in the morning. His appetite was returning back and you can’t suspect him of being sick just days ago with the amount of energy he was showing off. Although he obviously lose some weight, we know that he can gain it back within the next few days.

It felt like tons was lifted up from my heart with our little boy’s recovery. Thanks be to GOD for HIS healing hands. . .


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